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Altmodelbox is a community where Photographers, Video-Makers and especially Alternative Models can offer their photos and videos, getting money from every sale.

We call PRODUCERS all models, photographers and video makers that become part of our creative community! Welcome!


How do I become e Producer? How can I publish and sell my contents?

It 's easier to do than to say ... just click on the top green button on the header menù “PUBLISH YOUR CONTENTS”, or you can just g directly to our Producers website: https://producers.altmodelbox.com, and just follow the instructions. 

After you have confirmed your email address (check in SPAM ... you’ll never know), simply just log in! Now you can upload your productions!

We require a minimum of 3 photo-sets or videos to start. Your contents will always be controlled by our Desk to be sure the respect of our Contents Policy. If approved, then you will be able to upload more and more.


What can I sell on ALTMODELBOX.COM?

You can sell your photos and/or videos! These are the allowed categories:

Glamour / Nude / Erotic / Cosplay / Fetish / Steampunk

It's completely forbidden to publish pornography contents!


How you will get paid!

We pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal, Monese and Pyoneer. You must enter these data directly into your Producer’s profile.


When you will be paid!

We pay weekly! For example if you need to receive the revenues for the first week of the month from 1st to 7th, you will be credited within 14th of the upcoming week. We take 7 days to set up our reports.


What we pay!

We pay 70% commission to Producers and 80% to the Models ! There are no costs other than those related to banking transaction, which depends on your bank. If we have to pay a revenues of 500.00 $, our transfer will be $ 500.00 USD!


How can I control my sales?

Once registered as a Producer, you will have access to a control panel that allow you to upload photos and video, but above all to check your sales at any time.


Which video format and pictures you can upload.

. For video, you can upload .mp4 of 2Gb maximum, you should take a look at the page for   the encoding techniques and characteristics prior to upload.

. For photos we accept only .jpg format with a maximum size of 20 MB per photo. Again,     we recommend you take a look to the technical specifications for images.


How many photo shoots and videos can I upload to my account?

If you want to be accepted as Producer, you need to upload a minimum of 3 photo-sets/videos! Once your profile will be approved you can upload and sell your contents by yourself.


Which documents I need to upload?

If you are a model, nothing. We could just ask to show us your ID Card or Passport to verufy your age, if we have doubts.

If you are a Photographer or Vide-maker, than we need to have a model release for every subject will be in your shooting. We can't apporve your product and sell it if we haven't the model releases!


Do you need exclusive stuff?

No, we don't. 

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